Designed with queer people in mind, Shop Progress creates innovative, fresh fashion that intentionally seeks to encompass the vast array of identities within the LGBTQ+ community so that you can wear your story on your sleeves. 

We believe advocacy should be affordable. That's why everything is designed by queer artist living in the south + is printed in house to keep cost low. 

Shop Progress is a part of The Change Project, Elevating the visibility of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) people and advocating for an improved quality of life through the arts, strategic partnerships, and community programs in the Deep South and Midwestern United States. All proceeds from Shop Progress go directly into funding the advocacy initiatives they help form. Go to to learn more. 

Featured Artist Rae Senarighi

Fine artist, designer and muralist, Rae Senarighi is best known for colorful abstracts, intricate typography and vivid portraiture. Rae is a transgender non-binary artist currently based in Portland, OR. His most recent portrait series, TRANSCEND, celebrates transgender and non-binary individuals throughout the world who are living their lives openly, choosing integrity over safety. 

Package Deals!

We have put together an amazing package for you with so many options for your to choose from! In this package you get a  Shirt, choice of a Daftboy Fan, the Resist Tote Bag, the Powerful Enamel Pin by Rae Senarighi, and a Believe Women Sticker by Darrik Brower.