Join the ChangeMakers


What is The Change Project Brand Ambassador Program

At The Change Project (TCP), we focus on sharing stories of LGBTQ people in order to uplift, inspire, and remind each other that none of us are alone. We want you to wear your story on your sleeve, and it is our goal to sell products that make that easier. In order to keep sharing these stories, we need your help.

The Change Project is currently looking for Instagram Brand Ambassadors to share their stories. We are looking for anyone with a connection to our product that  wants to share their story—while making money in the process. We believe that the best stories are told firsthand, and we are looking for Brand Ambassadors eager to share their experience in a way that uplifts our community.

What you do:

    • Post once(1) a month about how themessage of, or product from, The Change Project impacted you, or contributed to your story with the hashtag #CHANGEMAKER.
      • It is important to showcase a product carried on the Shop Progress site ( You can showcase a fan, show off a bag with TCP pins on it, or show yourself in one of TCP’s  shirts! It’s up to you—what is important is to share your story in a positive way that will reach others.
  • Please send TCP a screenshot of your post to, and your planned posting dates by NOON ON THE FIRST FRIDAY of each month.
  • Please tag TCP in your caption, as well as the photo itself. @thechangeproject
      • Keep it positive! We want to remind people that there is a community that loves them, and it is important to keep stories affirming and honest.
      • Share your referral code! You will receive compensation for each purchase linked to that referral code, so make sure to share with everyone you can.
      • If you enjoy the experience, pass it on!

      What you get:

      • A personal code to track referrals
      • 20% off any purchase on Shop Progress AND 10% of sales from referrals.
      • The chance to win free product(s)
      • Updates on upcoming campaigns
      • The chance to provide input on new designs
      • The chance to connect  with other TCP Brand Ambassadors
      • The chance to encourage, uplift, and inspire others to be their authentic selves.