Become a Brand Ambassador


What is the Progressive Threads Brand Ambassador Program

Our Mission:

Produced and designed entirely by minority creatives in the heart of Nashville, TN, Progressive Threads gives voice to the politically progressive through innovative, fresh fashion. Hand-printed by a diverse group of artists who believe that advocacy should be both affordable and sustainable, our super soft tees allow you to wear your story on your sleeve. Your support helps to pay our artists living wages, and continue our mission towards a future of vibrant equality. 

Our Brand Ambassador Program:

Progressive Threads apparel is designed to uplift, inspire, and remind each other that we are not alone. Our Brand Ambassador Program helps to spread that message and expand our company. We are always looking for social media-savvy influencers to share their experiences through our products, while being compensated for the work they do! Stories are best told firsthand, as a means to uplift our community and encourage positive change. 

What Ambassadors do:

    • Post twice per month-  Share your stories! How have our products helped you engage with others? How has wearing our apparel encouraged or inspired you? Contribute two posts each month under the hashtag #progressivethreads and help expand our mission as well as your own! To ensure that as many people see your messages as possible, one post (of the two monthly) must be a permanent post. We will share all story posts made throughout the month, but at least one must be permanent and remain on your profile. 
    • Showcase products from the Progressive Threads site- Ambassadors can flaunt a fan, show off a bag with Progressive Threads pins on it, or display themselves in one of Progressive Thread’s shirts- the possibilities are endless! The core goal here is to share a meaningful story in a positive way, that will reach others.
    • Keep the message positive- We want to remind people that there is a community that loves them, and it is important to keep stories affirming, honest, and uplifting, even in the face of adversity. We're all about inciting change - but those calls to action should be inspiring in a way that welcomes newly engaged viewers. 
    • Share your referral code- Ambassadors receive personal referral codes used by those they reach for consumer discounts. They will receive compensation for each purchase linked to that referral code.
  • Share with Progressive Threads:
      • A screenshot of the post to
      • The planned posting dates by NOON ON THE FIRST FRIDAY of each month.
      • And be sure to tag Progressive Threads in the caption, as well as the photo itself @progressive_threads 

    What Ambassadors get:

    • A personal code to track sales
    • 20% off any purchase on Progressive Threads AND 10% of sales from anyone using your code. You will also have the option to convert this money into store credit for a higher percentage.
    • The chance to win free product(s)
    • Updates on upcoming campaigns
    • The chance to provide input on new designs
    • The chance to connect with other Progressive Thread Brand Ambassadors
    • The chance to encourage, uplift, and inspire others to be their authentic selves