Join the ChangeMakers


At Shop Progress, we believe that advocacy should be affordable, which is why we design and produce all of our own apparel in house to keep our products at a low cost. We believe that telling the stories of LGBTQ+ individuals will help create a more authentic movement for equality, and Shop Progress is just one way to do that.                                                    

Here’s where you come in: The ChangeMakers are people that believe in equality and willing to wear and promote the Shop Progress line of apparel. Get a chance to travel, win free merch, and get exclusive discounts just for you. You even get a small cut of the sales from your unique link.





The Details:


- You will promote by posting new items, sales, flash deals, special discount codes, giveaways, and more!!

- Will give honest feedback (an absolute must!!)

- You get a monthly credit amount to use on what you like in the shop. This credit will not carry over each month. Use it or lose it. This credit will change each month, and the amount will depend on how active you are with us!

- You will get 40% off to use as you like with no requirements to purchase.

-You will get a code for friends and family that can earn you credit toward the shop every time it’s used

- Bonus free gear for hard work!

- Promote the shop outside of social media!

- Get creative every week with helping out other ChangeMakers

- Post very clear, no clutter, well lit styled photos.

- Has the ability to post at least one time per week. Have more than 20,000 Followers on Instagram? Ask about our influencer program today!